Mydbops is on MySQL Consulting with core specialization on MySQL Administration and Support. Mydbops is formed by a group of MySQL and open source enthusiasts from TOP tech companies who have scaled TB’s of data in MySQL. Mydbops was created with a motto of developing a Devops model for MySQL administration. We help organisations to scale in MySQL and implement the advance technologies in MySQL.


Mydbops Team has intense knowledge on database technologies and related software. The collective knowledge of different expertise makes the database operations more efficient.Our tech team constantly attend the seminars Our experts can help you in accomplishing the complex database tasks and make your product better and stable.

Certified MySQL DBA’s:

The team contains only Certified MySQL DBA’s that handle production MySQL servers.We ensure that your database is handled by experts.Our tech team is in a constant learning cycle to adapt the upcoming and emerging technologies.

List of certificates owned by our Team

  • MySQL 5.6 Database certified Professionals
  • MySQL 5 Certified Professionals
  • Red Hat Certified Engineers
  • M102 MongoDB Certified Professionals
  • AWS Certified Professionals

Solution based approach:

We are more a Solution-Oriented team and solve the issues irrespective of the various technologies involved. We do not stick to a technology to solve problem , we use percona tools and other third party solutions to solve some complex problems.

EX : Synchronous Replication is not possible in standard MySQL. We will implement Galera cluster to solve your business needs.


Security is of crucial importance for any Organization. We implement industrial standards for security over network and OS level. We ensure that your database is in safe hands.