Mydbops specialized database service for AWS helps to scale databases on cloud with better productivity and stability

AWS Services

Mydbops provides similar support and services as provided by Amazon Enterprise Support. We have got 150+ global customers which includes the top brands in India like Quikr, Dream11, Practo, Nykaa, Razorpay and so on. We have AWS certified professionals and highly experienced team to provide niche consulting and support for databases on AWS EC2/RDS/Aurora

Benefits of our services:
  • Increased uptime
  • Optimal Performance
  • Maximum Reduced TCO for databases
  • Proven track of 60% ROI
  • Upto 80% reduction in monthly bills

Our Specialized Service for AWS Environment:

  1. MySQL Architect Support on AWS
    Planning to build new MySQL based solutions on Cloud?, We can support you in
    • Designing Database to meet your business needs
    • Ensuring your database is scalable, secure and optimal
    • Choosing the right instance type, Database engine, MySQL solutions like cluster, replication, HA based on the use case

  2. Migration to AWS
    Mydbops team can help you in hassle free migration of Existing MySQL databases to AWS
    • Plan and execute migration with minimal impact to the business
    • Design the AWS instance based on your existing database and requirements
    • Optimize the databases on cloud with right tools and techniques

  3. Optimization of existing MySQL on AWS
    Do you think is your existing databases are under performing, Our team can help in
    • Identifying and fixing the configuration issues, Slow queries, schema optimization
    • Automation of manual process at database level
    • Providing 24*7 proactive monitoring to resolve threats before it happens

  4. Performance tweaking of MySQL databases on Cloud
    Is your database growing faster based on any new product launch or new marketing trends. Then there could be slowness at the database level or sometimes scalability issues. No worries, our expert team can help you in
    • Monitor and prevent any outages at database level
    • Design the database for efficient scaling
    • Proper plan for major events and seasonal spikes like Black Friday, Mother’s day, etc

  5. Reduce your Cloud cost
    Sometimes if the AWS instances are over provisioned then there will not be any serious issues but the cost you are paying would be going out of control. Sometimes you may reach the maximum hardware limit while keep on increasing the hardware for performance. We can help you in
    • Reduce Cost and improve ROI for databases running in AWS
    • Verify and fix the configuration, bad queries and choose right architecture which eventually prevent you in increasing the instance type
    • Ensure the resources are utilized properly which would save several hundred dollars per year