MySQL Consulting helps organization on Mission Critical Tasks in MySQL Databases like Migration, Engine conversion, Upgradation, etc.

MySQL Consulting

Mydbops has a pool of certified MySQL DBA’s and MySQL Consultants. Our DBA’s have great expertise in MySQL and related technologies. Our consultants have wide range of experience in keeping MySQL, Percona Servers, MariaDB , TokuDB and Galera clusters at scale.

Our team can help you in designing database architecture and implementation of complex tasks like setting up MySQL clustering solution , High availability solutions and integrating a third party DB engines for your databases.

Our consultants will pinpoint the bottlenecks by analysing the current capacity of your DB servers. We will make sure that your database is utilizing underlying hardware efficiently. Our team has helped many startup’s by optimizing their budgets by avoiding heavy hardware for MySQL server. MySQL Consulting can help you to scale your database for future database growth.

As part of the Consulting process, our Consultant will build a performance audit of your database. This will be done by collating the DB & OS statistics, which will be analyzed by MyDBOPS Audit tools. The major performance bottlenecks and best practices will be reviewed which includes & is not limited to:

1. Hardware selection
2. OS Selection
3. OS level optimization
4. MySQL Upgrade
5. MySQL Engine selection ( InnoDB / TokuDB / MyISAM )
6. Performance Tuning
7. Data consistency
8. Top query analysis
9. Query Indexing
10. Schema optimization
11. Best practices
12. Efficient Database Backup

Based on your requirement, our Consultants can either work from remotely or visit your office premises.