Effective Monitoring solution from MyDBOPS Team will ensure DB is running on optimal capacity.

MySQL Monitoring

Mydbops comprehends the value of effective monitoring. There is a saying “Good defense is the best offense”, All the critical systems needs 24*7 monitoring. With a good monitoring system in place, Organization can avoid huge downtime in databases system.

We have customized monitoring tools and plugins. Our team of consultants are experts in monitoring mission critical database systems. Our automation is build around the open source tools such as Nagios, Icigna, Monyog, Grafana and Cacti. We also cater monitoring in Galera Cluster.

Monitoring the host operating system is equally important for running the database smoothly, So beyond database parameters, we also monitor the OS stats and Network. Our Team adapt the monitoring system based on the new features in MySQL and evolving new hardwares.

We also provide capacity planning to predict the future. This prevents the downtime before the occurrence.

Platforms Supported

All flavours of unix

MySQL Checks

1. MySQL status Check
2. Replication Check
3. Replication lags
4. Binary log retentions
5. Long Running Queries
6. MySQL Thread checks
7. Open transactions
8. InnoDB Checks
9. Deadlock monitoring
10. Slow log and error log monitoring
11. Backup Checks
12. Partitioning Checks
13. Galera Status check
14. Quorum check
15. Distributed Replication Checks*
16. Multi Source Replication Checks*

OS Checks

1. Memory Checks
2. MySQL logrotate
3. Disk space checks
4. RAID Monitoring
5. CPU & IO stats
6. Network checks
7. OS log checks
8. Security Checks