Our support Team provide Emergency support and Remote support on need basis.

MySQL Support

Mydbops Support Team provides the emergency and product support on need basis.You can use this support model for critical outages, monitoring database during critical product releases , migration of MySQL databases , Benchmarking your databases , Implementing High availability and so on.

Our DBA experts available to support your MySQL Infra 24 * 7 via

- Online
- Skype
- Google Hangout

We respect our clients choice of MySQL and support all flavors of MySQL that include:

1. Oracle MySQL
2. Percona MySQL
3. MariaDB
4. Iaas (EC2, Rackspace Cloud)
5. DBaas (Amazon RDS)

We support all kinds of High Availability solutions provided by MySQL and Open source contributions to MySQL.

1. MySQL Replication (GTID too)
2. Galera Cluster
3. MySQL Multi Source replication
4. MHA (Percona)
5. HA Proxy

We support the most of storage engines for MySQL.

1. InnoDB / XtraDB
2. TokuDB

Based on the requirement, our support team will perform relevant troubleshooting and resolve the issue immediately. An analysis of the issue encountered with appropriate details on the root cause and the remediation will be sent later after the issue has been fixed.


It works on PAYG ( Pay-As-You-Go ) model. Only hours of support will be charged.

Payment Method:

1. Paypal
2. Wire Transfer


You can reach our DBA’s through Skype, Google hangout, Phone and any feasible communication channel.

E-mail Address :